Contact the Office of the Chief Information Officer

If you didn't find a technical resource or guidance you were looking for on our website, please contact the enterprise Service Desk for technical assistance. Note that the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) within the Office of the Governor provides services only to other government agencies and does not provide any services to the public.

100 N. Stewart Street, Suite 100
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: 775-684-5800

Employee Recognition

The OCIO would love your help to recognize employees who have done an excellent job providing service. The recognition form only takes a few minutes to complete and allows the OCIO to create a supportive, positive employee culture that celebrates a job well done.

Provide Feedback

Do you have a question, idea or concern about the OCIO that you would like to share with management? Please complete the feedback form and your comments will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for consideration. You have the option to remain anonymous.

Vendor Inquiries

Vendors looking to do business with the OCIO can reach us by filling out our Vendor Inquiry Form. Initial meetings will be declined if this form has not been completed. For additional information on how to do business with the State of Nevada, please visit: Purchasing Division

Public Records Requests

If you're in search of a public record that you believe originated from the OCIO (formerly the Enterprise IT Services Division), please make your request in writing. If the public record you are in search of orginated from another state agency, your request must be made to that state agency, not the OCIO.

Nevada regulations (NAC 239.863) provide for the form below to be completed when submitting requests to inspect, copy or receive a copy of public records. Written requests allow staff to more effectively track and monitor a request. 

The form may be sent by the US Postal Service to the Office of the CIO, Attn: Public Records Officer, by fax to (775) 687-9097, or by email to