Enterprise Architecture / Technology Investments

The EITS Enterprise Architecture (EA) team manages the Technology Investment Notification (TIN) and Cloud Investment Notification (CIN) processes for state agencies as part of its charter to create a statewide technology strategy and architecture. Both the Governor’s Finance Office (GFO) and the State Purchasing Division require state agencies to complete either the TIN or CIN process for technology-related purchases and procurements in alignment with authority under NRS 242.171.

    Technology Investment Notification (TIN)

    A Technology Investment Notification (TIN) is a detailed online questionnaire that provides structured information about a technology initiative.

      Any executive branch agency implementing or planning an information technology investment with an aggregated value of $50,000 or more is required to submit a Technology Investment Notification (TIN) to EITS at any time during the biennium and as part of the biennial budget process. An information technology investment includes, but is not limited to, any new systems or applications, vendor-supported information technology services, and any maintenance of or enhancements to existing systems or applications.

        A TIN is required regardless of the funding source, even if EITS or an agency's IT staff is not involved in the project or ongoing maintenance. A completed TIN must be updated if the technology investment's schedule, scope, or budget increases or decreases by more than 5 percent. A TIN completion memo is required by the GFO for technology investment contracts presented for signature to the Board of Examiners (BOE) and by the State Purchasing Division for Request for Proposals (RFP) or solicitation waiver requests related to technology investments.

          TINs are needed to help plan for enterprise infrastructure utilization needs, gain visibility over the state's security profile, and build a repository of data to help the state understand its overall technology portfolio.

          Cloud Investment Notification (CIN)

          The Cloud Investment Notification (CIN) is a short online questionnaire that captures key information about cloud-based technology initiatives that don't meet the requirements for a TIN.

            Any executive branch agency purchasing or renewing any cloud-based solution with a value of less than $50,000 must submit a CIN to EITS prior to the purchase. Cloud-based solutions include any online tools that help agencies with managing their business and can include services such as customer relationship management, email, survey, grant management, analytics, productivity and workflow management, and more. Because the pricing can be a better value to the State, many agencies have transitioned to cloud-based solutions.

              EITS needs sufficient visibility into cloud-based services for resource planning and to ensure State security standards are being met. Additionally, some cloud-based productivity applications that integrate with existing applications must also be integrated with our State's network and telecommunications systems.

              TIN 1.0 Deprecation

              Starting October 28, 2021, state agencies will not be able to submit Technology Investment Notifications (TINs) using the TIN 1.0 Microsoft InfoPath application. Previously submitted TINs can still be viewed, but the TIN 1.0 process will no longer be supported. Instead, all TINs must be submitted through the TIN 2.0 Microsoft Teams application.

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