Silvernet VPN Maintenance Page

EITS now requires the agency ISO signature for VPN approval. Please ensure this has been obtained before submitting the form to EITS Help Desk. 


The Department of Administration, Enterprise IT Services provides Virtual Private Networking (VPN) access to Silvernet users from anywhere in the world. 

The VPN service is available to all State employees or contracted employees.  Fees must be billed to a State of Nevada budget code.  Invoices are sent out monthly for all Silvernet services.  These pages should answer all of your questions about the VPN service, so please peruse them all prior to sending your request for access.  

  • If you have further questions about the VPN service, e-mail us at
  • If you need to request a deletion of a VPN account, VPN Account deletion request
  • Changes to a fully established, active VPN account do not require a new form to be filled out.  The employee, or for contractors, the primary contractor’s sponsor, may email the helpdesk at with the change request in detail.
  • New EITS does not accept older versions of the VPN Client Agreement form, please pay special attention to the form version# in the upper left hand corner of this form. If you are unsure of the form version then please email us at: