Database Hosting (DB) Services and Rates FY2020 - FY2021

SQL Server State Cloud Database Hosting Services: allows any State Agency, Board, or Commission to run their SQL Server databases in a 24x7 High Availability private on-premise Nevada State Database Cloud (DBaaS – Data Base as a Service). The monthly hosting fee is based on database size and is calculated at a flat rate per gigabyte of storage used per month. The one monthly fee covers: 1) software licensing costs, 2) server compute costs, 3) network IO costs, 4) server disk storage costs, 5) daily database backup costs, 6) backup disk storage costs, 7) private cloud maintenance costs. DBaaS is available for production, test, development, training, disaster recovery, proof-of-concept, and all other database types.
Contact: Gary Dunn, DB Manager
SQL Server State Cloud Database Rates:
2020: Per Gigabyte Per Month: $13.04
2021: Per Gigabyte Per Month: $13.04
Budget: 1365 | Exp Gl: 7546 | Rev GL: 3816 | Org Code: 65DH