Computing Services FY2020 - FY2021

Mainframe services: will be consolidated (Batch, TSO, CICS, DB2, Tape I/O, Tape Storage and Disk I/O) into one service. Print Management will remain a separately billed service. NOTE: Total Central Processing Unit (CPU) minutes are accumulated including Batch, TSO, CICS and DB2, with the monthly charge is calculated per accumulated CPU minute.
B/A 1385 - Mainframe Services: includes all mainframe services except Print Management. Mainframe services for Batch, TSO (Time Sharing Option), CICS (Customer Information Control System), DB2 (DBMS Data Base Management System), Tape I/O (Input-Output), Tape Storage, and Disk I/O (Input-Output) are all included within this Service. Mainframe Service is a CPU (Central Processing Unit) per minute charge for the accumulated minutes of Batch, TSO, CICS, and DB2. Mainframe Service is billed monthly as incurred.
Contact: Sean Montierth, Computing Facilities Manager
Mainframe Service (1385) Rates: 
2020: Per CPU Minute: $23.87 
2021: Per CPU Minute: $23.64 
Budget: 1385 | Exp GL: 7515 | Rev GL: 3870 |
Org Code: 85MS
Print Management services: provides hard-copy printout of information. Print Management is a per 1000 line charge, billed monthly as incurred.
Contact: Sean Montierth, Computing Facilities Manager
Print Management (1385) Rates: 
2020: Per 1000 lines: $1.13 
2021: Per 1000 lines: $1.13 
Budget: 1385 | Exp GL: 7529 | Rev GL: 3890 |
Org Code: 85PM
UNIX Support: remains unchanged, but the customer’s utilization unit has been modified. Previously, customers were billed on .1 processors used. Beginning FY18, the new UNIX unit would be .1 of a processor and 4GBs. The customer’s utilization will be based on the total number of UNIX units used. UNIX servers used to provide UNIX Support to the IFS customers are the property of EITS. UNIX Support service is a per processor charge.
Contact: Sean Montierth, Computing Facilities Manager
UNIX Support (1385) Rates: 
2020: Per Partition Per Year: $1,265.66
2021: Per Partition Per Year: $1,265.66
Budget: 1385 | Exp GL: 7540| Rev Gl: |
Org Code: