Assessment Fees

Infrastructure Assessment: This assessment supports several units within the Office of the CIO and is designed to more appropriately charge for the following services. The infrastructure assessment includes: Domain Name System (DNS) routing, enterprise service desk, state web portal, webpage development and platform, state ADA compliance evaluation, state HR business infrastructure, state FTP services and state ListServ support, state single sign-on and identity management, state toll-free access, state online phone book, and state operator service.

Fees (billed quarterly) 
2022: $315.92 Per FTE Per Year
2023: $314.64 Per FTE Per Year
Budget: 1365, 1385 | GL: 7554

Security: The Office of the CIO provides security services including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and incident triage and/ or response coordination; supports agencies in developing and managing agency-specific security programs, policy, standards and plans including backup and recovery, incident response and disaster recovery plans; maintains and develops state-level information security policy, standards and procedures; provides security oversight and guidance for executive branch.

Fees (billed quarterly)
2022: $93.93 Per FTE Per Year
2023: $93.56 Per FTE Per Year
Budget: 1389 | GL: 7556