Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the rates?

Do rates change annually?

Rates are determined during the budgeting process based on the projected utilization and associated costs of a service. The rates are set separately for each fiscal year of a biennium.

    Why did I receive a billing statement?

    Services are funded through one of two different models: 

    1. assessments automatically paid by all associated agencies, or 
    2.  rates charged only to agencies using a specific service.
    For the rate model, billing statements are generated each month based on how much an agency uses the service (utilization * rate). 

      Who do I contact with questions about my billing statement?

      Who to contact with billing questions?
      Business Productivity Suite Sean Montierth, Server/Facilities
      Database Administrator Gary Dunn, DB Manager
      Database Hosting Gary Dunn, DB Manager
      Network Transport Pat Sheehan, Network Manager
      Programmer / Developer Tim Simonetti, IT Manager
      Server / Non-server Hosting Sean Montierth, Server/Facilities
      Security Services - NCAS Robert Dehnhardt, Chief Security
      Silvernet WAN Jon Mathews, WAN Manager
      Telecommunications Fred Springer, Telecommunications Manager

        Why did my billing statement change?

        Monthly billing statements are based on actual utilization of a service during the month. If the utilization goes up or down, the bill will go up or down.