Division of Information Technology Services (EITS) Organization

Network Transport Services (NTS)

Network Transport Services (NTS) is the third of three budget accounts in the Communications unit within the Enterprise IT Services Division. This unit, through a combination of microwave, fiber optics, and other wireless technologies, provides transport of communications circuits for federal, state, and local government entities, with many responsible for public safety. NTS also provides large transport circuits for data communications and private branch exchange (PBX)/voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services to other communications units within EITS, such as SilverNet and PBX/VOIP telecommunications, thereby indirectly supporting nearly every state agency. Staff tasks include design and development of backbone microwave communication infrastructure; installation, operation and 24/7 maintenance of microwave and fiber optic communication equipment; troubleshooting complex transport system problems; and maintaining and developing remote communication sites and facilities. Staff is directly responsible for microwave circuits and transport equipment at state sites that carry public safety traffic. NTS communication sites also host other agency communications equipment and antennas on its towers, and provides commercial and emergency backup power for their equipment.