Division of Information Technology Services (EITS) Organization

Data Communications & Networking Engineering

Data Communications and Network Engineering is one of three budget accounts in the Communications unit within the Enterprise IT Services Division. This unit is responsible for all tasks related to developing, operating, and maintaining statewide data; voice over internet protocol (VOIP); and video-communications infrastructure. Most of this effort is focused on the Wide Area Network (WAN), termed SilverNet, and maintaining "connectivity with the outside world" such as internet access for the state and dedicated purpose circuits including federal program connections. Staff tasks include installing and troubleshooting data circuits; installing, operating and maintaining routers, firewalls, event logging, and data switches that tie the circuits together; and engineering, analyzing, and troubleshooting the complex WAN itself. Staff supports over 8,500 network connections representing servers, and network devices (routers, firewalls and switches) in more than 150 locations throughout the state. Customers include all Executive Branch agencies, Constitutional Offices, the Judicial Branch, and to a limited extent, the Legislative Branch.