Agency IT Services

We at Agency IT Services provide IT support for the State of Nevada full-service customers. Currently some of our customers include Department of Administration, Department of Public Safety, Private Investigators Licensing Board, Charter Schools and the Governor’s Office which is comprised of the Office of the Governor including all of the Governor’s agencies. Our team is responsible for statewide application development, web application development and hosting, database administration and hosting, state telephone operators, desktop support and an enterprise help desk that provides 24 X7 support for our agency customers as well as other EITS customers. We are partners with our customers and work with the Office of the CIO to establish standards and best IT practices in use within the State.


    Agency IT Services personnel is organized in seven functional areas: Project Management, Web team and ADA support, Database administration and development, Application administration and development, HR/Payroll administration and Help Desk, Desktop Support, DevOps, Agency IT Helpdesk and Enterprise IT Help Desk. 

      Restructuring Efforts

      The establishment of Agency IT Services within EITS is to provide a customer facing support team for our full-service customers. We have completed this restructure and continue to develop and mature in our capabilities. 

        What We Do

        • Database group manages and maintains over 1,000 databases and supports high availability.

        • Our Database group administers and manages critical databases for payroll (Advantage), employee management (NEATS) and budget (NEBS) and mission critical law enforcement applications.
        • Our application and DevOps team provides the technical design and support for Public Safety, Department of Administration and the Governor’s Finance Office.
        • Our applications and DevOps team have performed 50,000 plus hours of application programming, maintenance and development in support of state public safety systems, the State personnel, budget and payroll. This team also supports 40 24 x 7 critical enterprise systems and an additional 53 applications M-F 8 to 5.
        • Our enterprise help desk answers 4,000 + calls per month and provides a 24 X 7 help desk for critical system support.
        • Our web team provide training and supports over 130 + websites for agencies and constitutional officers including the Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer and the Attorney General. We also have established an ADA program to assist agencies with making websites ADA compliant.
        • Our desktop support team provides technical support on many agency applications, desktop support, video conferencing support and is the customer service face to our full-service customers
        • Our HR/Payroll unit answered over 16,000 calls in FY 18 and provides the support for all NEATS payroll, Advantage and NV E-Learn related support questions or help desk requests.
          Our Project Management group provides the oversight and project management for many of the critical projects for our full-service customers.

          AITS Teams: