Information Technology Advisory Board

The Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) serves to advise the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) within the Office of the Governor and may perform a number of helpful functions per NRS 242.124:

  • Advise the OCIO on a variety of issues relating to information technology (IT), including policies, planning, and standards;
  • Review IT plans of state agencies; 
  • Review the OCIO statewide strategic plan; 
  • Recommend goals and objectives for OCIO with suggested timeframes;
  • Review the budget appropriate to support the OCIO mission of performing information services for state agencies; and
  • Review IT issues and policies to resolve any disputes with state agencies, if requested.

ITAB members include two legislators, three information technology specialists representing Nevada's cities and counties, two private sector representatives of the information technology industry, and four executive branch representatives.