State CIO Summit

State CIO Summit


    You're Invited to the State CIO Summit - AI Technologies in Government

      Join us at the State CIO Summit to shape the future of technology.

        Event Details:

        Date: February 23, 2024

        Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

        Venue: WNC- Aspen Building/Carson Nugget Community Hall
                    2201 W College Pkwy, Carson City, Nevada, United States     

          Why Attend?

          Discover the latest in AI innovation and ethics:

          Keynote Presentations by Leading Experts
          Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions
          Interactive Sessions on AI's Impact and Ethics


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              Agenda Highlights:

              Explore a diverse and engaging agenda:

              Morning Keynote: "AI's Transformative Power"
              Panel Discussion: "Shaping the Future of Technology Through AI"
              Interactive Session: "Ethical AI Development and Responsible Innovation"


                Keynote Speaker:

                We are excited to have Svetlana Sicular from Gartner as our Keynote Speaker.

                   Svetlana Sicular Gartner

                  Svetlana Sicular is a thought leader at the intersection of data and AI. She is convinced that a human plus AI is smarter than either by themselves. Ms. Sicular really cares about helping organizations - from governments and multinational corporations to startups - achieve digital transformation by using AI. Her current research interests focus on the ongoing shifts in AI and ML; responsible AI and AI governance; data-centric AI; and the most exciting part of artificial intelligence - the human. Svetlana Sicular pioneered responsible AI, AI governance, augmented intelligence and big data research at Gartner. She has been covering generative AI since the inception of this term and has been authoring the Generative AI hype cycle profile since. Ms. Sicular developed important, now commonly recognized ideas: multidisciplinary data science teams, the role of Chief Data Officer, data & analytics governance in the age of AI and personal analytics.


                    We are thrilled to have distinguished moderators guiding our discussions:


                      CCage Headshot
                      Caleb Cage
                      Arc Dome Strategies 
                      Former public servant, commands a remarkable career spanning military leadership, state governance, and academia. A West Point graduate and Iraq veteran, Cage transitioned to public service, excelling in veterans' affairs and emergency management.
                      His leadership during crises and policy reform in Nevada set new standards. Alongside, Cage pursued academia, earning accolades for his literary contributions, including the Silver Pen Award. He's currently a PhD candidate in Political Science. Living in Reno with his family, Cage's journey embodies dedication, resilience, and transformative impact.
                      Jill Tolles Headshot 
                      Jill Tolles
                      Executive Director
                      Guinn Research Center for Policy Priorities
                      Former Nevada Assemblywoman and seasoned policy expert, combines her legislative experience with academic insight as a University of Nevada faculty member and National Judicial College instructor. Leading the Guinn Center, she tackles Nevada's policy challenges, drawing from her diverse roles on education, judiciary, and economic committees. A committed community advocate, Jill contributes to various boards, including the Education Alliance and the Northern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force. Her accolades include an Aspen Institute Rodel Fellowship and recognition in the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame, highlighting her impactful civic and policy leadership.  

                      Thank you to our Partners:

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                      We look forward to your participation in this landmark event. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.


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