EITS Helpdesk

Provide continuous 24x7 helpdesk support for DOA, DPS, statewide law enforcement, and many other State entities. The EITS Helpdesk performs initial troubleshooting, remote resolution of Information Technology issues, and provides ticket triage when necessary

To further assist our client agencies, EITS has implemented the Helpdesk Request Portal. Within this portal, you may open a variety of different types of tickets pertaining to: Email requests, distribution groups, VPN requests, telephone issues, access badges, and more

There is also a General Inquiry form if you need to submit a specialized request

Login to ITSM (Formerly HEAT)

You can login to HEAT and submit a Service Request using the link below. For more information, please contact the EITS Help Desk.


 (775) 684-4333 or EITSHelp@admin.nv.gov


A New Way to Submit Requests to EITS

EITS currently uses IT Service Management (Formerly HEAT) "ITSM", this ticketing software is web based and has a custom portal for customers to login. All of our forms are expected to move over to ITSM early to mid January of 2019. Upon submitting your requests within the Self-Service portal customers will instantly receive a ticket number to reference. We are even allowing customers to submit directly to some EITS teams!

See the website here: https://helpdesk.nv.gov/HEAT  

Do you have some questions? Well we have some answers! Check them out here: ITSM FAQ

Want access now? Submit this form: ITSM (Formerly HEAT) Access Request ***Only request access if you are allowed to submit requests to EITS. If your Department/Division has you go through your IT first, then please do not submit this form.***

***A full transition from our current forms on it.nv.gov is slated for 1 year (starts January 1st 2019), this is a slow and steady process. Upon requests EITS ITSM (HEAT) Administrators will provide a basic ITSM training class. For more information, please submit a general inquiry requesting a class, if 5 or more people request, then a class will be scheduled.*** 

Online Form Issues

Except in the case of the VPN Client Agreement form, if you have not received an email for your request in 2 Hours please fill out the form and take a screenshot and send it to eitshelp@admin.nv.gov

Online Forms

For your convenience, and in an effort to streamline the process of creating certain requests through the EITS Helpdesk, we have provided the following forms. When a form is submitted, the EITS Helpdesk will receive it for processing as soon as possible.

Online Helpdesk Resources

Below is a list of all of our available Helpdesk Request Forms. If you do not see a form applicable to your request, you can also use the General Request form found below.  

While we make every effort to process online requests immediately, there may be a slight delay before a ticket is generated.  If you need to open a ticket regarding an urgent issue, a large outage, or a matter of public safety, please call the Enterprise IT Services Helpdesk at (775) 684-4333. 

E-mail Account Requests
E-mail Distribution Groups
Other Resources
The Other Resources Section has not been fully imported into ITSM; discontinued support is 12/31/19

Other Types of Requests

If there is not a form above to address your request, you may submit a general inquiry form by clicking the link below. If you need to open a ticket regarding an urgent issue, a large outage, or a matter of public safety, then please call the Enterprise IT Services Helpdesk at (775) 684-4333.


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