Silvernet WAN

Silvernet Wide Area Network (WAN) Services

Silvernet Wide Area Network Services

SilverNet Access (Includes VPN if Requested)

Per Monthly Tier | See Schedule
SilverNet is the State’s Wide Area Network (WAN), used by agencies for connection between agency PCs and LANs, host computers and state application programs, and outside access to the Internet. Agencies are billed monthly based on usage pricing tier.

FY 2019 Rates by Tier - NOTE: CHANGE IN TIERS

10 TB.099 TBMonthly$100.00
2.10 TB.19 TBMonthly$265.99
3.20 TB.99 TBMonthly$532.03
41.00 TB2.49 TBsMonthly$1,063.95
52.50 TBs7.99 TBsMonthly$2,127.90
68.00 TBs15.99 TBsMonthly$4,255.78
716 TBs99.99 TBsMonthly$8,511.58
8100.00 TBs239.00 TBsMonthly$13,618.61
9240.00 TBsand overMonthly$54,483.14
Budget: 1386 | Exp GL: 7542 | Rev GL: 3850 | Org Code: 86SN

VPN Secure Link (is available if it is required to any SilverNet customer)

| Included in Silvernet rate
Encrypting data between two points creating a “tunnel” between them creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN access allows users to interact with the SilverNet through the public Internet. Unlike dial-up, VPN creates a point-to-point connection between your PC (via a modem) and an access server (modem server) inside the EITS private network through your Internet Service Provider.
Budget: 1386 | Exp GL: 7545 | Rev GL: 3850 | Org Code: 86VP