EITS Helpdesk

Page was last updated on: 01/02/20

The EITS Helpdesk performs initial troubleshooting, remote resolution of Information Technology issues.


Login to ITSM (Formerly HEAT)

You can login to HEAT and submit a Service Request using the link below. For more information, please contact the EITS Help Desk.


 (775) 684-4333 or EITSHelp@admin.nv.gov


A New Way to Submit Requests to EITS

EITS currently uses IT Service Management (Formerly HEAT) "ITSM", this ticketing software is web based and has a custom portal for customers to login. All of our forms are expected to move over to ITSM early to mid January of 2020. Upon submitting your requests within the Self-Service portal customers will instantly receive a ticket number to reference. We are even allowing customers to submit directly to some EITS teams!

See the website here: https://helpdesk.nv.gov/HEAT  

Do you have some questions? Well we have some answers! Check them out here: ITSM FAQ

Want access now? Submit this form: ITSM (Formerly HEAT) Access Request ***Only request access if you are allowed to submit requests to EITS. If your Department/Division has you go through your IT first, then please do not submit this form.***

***A full transition from our current forms on it.nv.gov is slated for 1 year (starts January 1st 2019), this is a slow and steady process. Upon requests EITS ITSM (HEAT) Administrators will provide a basic ITSM training class. For more information, please submit a general inquiry requesting a class, if 5 or more people request, then a class will be scheduled.*** 

Online Forms

Login to ITSM: https://helpdesk.nv.gov/HEAT for submitting forms to EITS

Online Helpdesk Resources

If you need to open a ticket regarding an urgent issue, a large outage, or a matter of public safety, please call the Enterprise IT Services Helpdesk at (775) 684-4333. 

E-mail Account Requests

E-mail Distribution Groups

Other Resources

Please read below for more information on each form.          The secton below has been updated.
  • VPN New Accounts/Maintenance Page- Resources pertaining to Silvernet VPN accounts.
    • 12/26/19 - Not Implemented at this time, please come here for VPN related forms.
  • Mobile Device Agreement - Mobile device agreement form for enabling ActiveSync.
    • 12/26/19 - Not Implemented at this time.
  • Skype Access Request - Grants access to Skype for Business (Must have Skype for Business Installed) 
    • 12/26/19 - Office 365 Users i.e. youre account is actually a 365 account no longer needs this form submitted. If you are unsure if you are on Office 365, please contact your direct IT Support for this answer.
  • Access Card and Access Request (formerly PIV Badge Requests) - Form is no longer supported by EITS on this website. 
    • 12/26/19 - Alternate Link: Click Me (Always Hover Over Links).
  • Computer Imaging Form - Use to request a computer be imaged or re-imaged.
    • 12/26/19 - Not Implemented at this time.
  • How to Fill out the Computer Imaging Form - An example of what is needed on the form.
  • NHP MDC DUO Token Form - Used by NHP employees to sign-out DUO hardware tokens.
    • 12/26/19 - Not Implemented at this time.
  • New Hosted VM Request Form - Used to request a new hosted Virtual Machine from ESS.
    • 12/26/19 - Form is not directly Owned or Maintained by EITS Help Desk, any issues with this form should have a ticket Submitted to the EITS Help Desk so we can send the issue to the appropriate team(s).
  • ITSM (Formerly HEAT) Access Request - Used to grant access to EITS ticketing system to make requests.
    • 12/26/19 - Will not be implemented at this time.