What is IT Service Management?

Here are some common questions asked about EITS version of ITSM (HEAT).


  • Question: Who will have access to ITSM?
  • Answer: As of right now Only State Employees will be allowed access.
  • Question: Who else can see my requests/tickets within ITSM?
  • Answer: We only allow you to see your requests/tickets. ***There is an IT View Mode currently being worked on. Your Department/Division's IT will be able to see requests submitted by you.***
  • Question: How much does it cost to submit/login to ITSM?
  • Answer: Just like our forms, there isn't a cost to submit something to EITS or login to ITSM.
  • Question: What version of ITSM is EITS running?
  • Answer: Current Version is 2018.3.1, with every update that Ivanti (Vendor) provides. EITS will test the update in a test environment. Once testing has concluded with no major issues the update is then applied to Production.
  • Question: Is ITSM secure?
  • Answer: It lives behind the state network and requires all users to be on the SilverNet.
  • Question: What is IT View Mode?
  • Answer: This is a custom built View Only mode that is in its early testing phase, as of right now only ITSM Administrators can use this mode and a select few EITS Help Desk staff. In the future it is planned to allow Department/Divison IT to see all of their Incidents and Service Requests submitted to EITS. ***Please note this is an early concept and may not be fully implemented if issues arise or it causes logging issues within the system.***
  • Question: I noticed a majority of your forms say "support will be discontinued on 12/31/19"; why is that?
  • Answer: This is so we are only updating forms in one centeral location.
  • Question: This ITSM site, will I have to have a separate login for it?
  • Answer: If you are not a child of state.nv.us then you will use the first part of your email address to login with your email password.
  • Question: I have no idea what child of state.nv.us means, how do I find out?
  • Answer: Talk to your IT Help Desk, they will know more!
  • Question: EITS HD is my help desk!
  • Answer: You are not a child of state.nv.us
  • Question: Access to ITSM is restricted to State Employees, why?
  • Answer: This is due to usage concerns as our external user base is smaller compared to state employees. ***State Approved Contractors will not be granted access at this time.***
  • Question: I have more questions regarding this ITSM; who should I ask about this site?
  • Answer: Email itsmadmins@admin.nv.gov and we will address your questions in the order we recieve.
  • Question: I would like training on this new site. 
  • Answer: If 5 or more people request training for ITSM; the ITSM Administrators will setup a class. You will then be notifed of a date and time for the class; on average the class runs 2 hours and 45 minutes. Classes are typically scheduled for 4 hours to allow for questions and concerns.

Site Requirements

  • Must be a state employee
  • Must be on the states network (SilverNet).
  • A modern web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge (Chromium), Opera.
    • If there are issues with any of the following web browsers we always advise that you double-check to see if your web browser is fully update to date.
    • Internet Explorer (I.E.) is not fully supported by the ITSM Admins, the web browser is fully support by the Vendor Ivanti.



***Please note that these requirements can change at anytime. Site up-time is 99% but access is not guaranteed during maintenance hours. Maintenance hours are posted on the login portal when maintenance will occur.***










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