What is IT Service Management?

Here are some common questions asked about EITS version of ITSM (HEAT).



  • Question: Who will have access to ITSM?
  • Answer: As of right now Only State Employees will be allowed access.
  • Question: Who else can see my requests/tickets within ITSM?
  • Answer: We only allow you to see your requests/tickets.
  • Question: How much does it cost to submit/login to ITSM?
  • Answer: Just like our forms, there isn't a cost to submit something to EITS or login to ITSM.
  • Question: What version of ITSM is EITS running?
  • Answer: Current Version is 2017.3.1, with every update that Ivanti (Vendor) provides. EITS will test the update in a test environment. Once testing has concluded with no major issues the update is then applied to Production.
  • Question: Is ITSM secure?
  • Answer: It lives behind the state network, while it is currently accessible to the outside world. It requires an active account within the system to login. In short it is secure but just like with everything in Life, nothing is perfect.

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