New Email Account Request Form

If you are a DOA, Gov and Office of Energy

Employee and this is for a new hire then

go here: New Hire Form

 Information of User
First Name:      
Middle Name or Initial:      
Last Name:       
 Information on Agency
                    Zip Code:      
Budget Code:      
Phone Number:      
 Information on Permissions and Groups
Mirror to User:      
     (To mirror another known user's email groups)
Add Groups:      
     (If more groups are needed, or no mirror is available)
Enable Skype/Lync?      
Special Instructions       

Information on Requester
First Name:      
Last Name:      
E-Mail Address:      
 Information on Approving Authority  
    New Email Creation Requests DO NOT REQUIRE ISO APPROVAL  
First Name:      
Last Name:      
E-Mail Address:      

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