What is the staging site?

The STAGING site, http://staging.nv.gov, is the place where everyone must go to LOG IN to the State Content Management System.  This is where ALL personnel work. Nobody ever works in Production.

This is also the place to go to see:

  • Whether a SYNC has been done - A SYNC moves the data from the STAGING area to the PRODUCTION area
  • Scheduled times are listed, along with the date/time the SYNC actually took place

You can also view the latest template version, and status of websites that are already in production or being worked on by clicking SITE STATUS on the navigation bar.(http://staging.nv.gov/tools/sites.aspx):  

  • All of the sites that we are currently on the State Content management System.

  • All Production sites will have an URL of XXX.nv.gov, where xxx = your agency, board, etc.
  • All Staging sites will have a URL of XXX.STAGING.nv.govm, where xxx = your agency, board, etc.


If you click on the STAGING or PRODUCTION sites listed on the page, it will link you to that web site.