Stateweb Website Requests Should Include

1. The website address (URL) or name of the website

This needs to include the url or website address of each page in the site that needs updated.

    What is a URL or webpage address?

      When sending website requests, please bring up the appropriate website in a browser window and navigate to the page you want updated. Then provide the path you took from the homepage to get to the page you wanted updated or provide us with the URL to the page.

        • Image shows the URL in the top left corner of the browser window

        2. What do you want done?

        Does something need to be added, replaced, deleted or removed? Please be specific.  Asking for a link to be deleted does not tell us to delete the document as well.  Please avoid the use of non-specific words like 'update'.  

          3. Documents & File Naming Conventions

          For documents that are being replaced or removed, please provide:

          • the url of the page the link text appears on or should appear on
          • the link text to be used for which attached file
          • the url of the document on the site, or the path to the document in the work area
          • Document file names should be formatted properly before being sent to state web (spaces, periods and special characters removed). These can be replaced with camelCasingLikeThis , dashes “-”, or underscores “_”.  Review File Naming Conventions for Clarification.

            4. Requestor's Contact Information

            The requestor’s name, phone and email address

              5. To Report a Problem with an Ektron Website

              • Which website is experiencing the issue?
              • The url to the page in the site the error or issue appears on?
              • Specifically what was the problem experienced? 
                • Did the page not load? If it didn't load, what was the error message returned?  Please print screen the error.
                • Document Issues:
                  • If the latest version of a document that has been uploaded to the system is not appearing on the site, does the file have spaces, or special characters in the file name?  If so, delete the file and rename it without the spaces and special characters in the file name and re-upload it.
                  • If the latest version of a document is not appearing on the site and there are no spaces or special characters in the file name; what has been changed in the latest version? 

                6. Can Stateweb Post Time Sensitive (URGENT) Postings for my agency?

                Please be aware that URGENT postings are those that must be posted by a certain date and time to meet a local, state or federal law. 

                Since StateWeb is responsible for multiple websites in addition to yours, we must be notified 24 business hours prior to an URGENT request in order to ensure we have the time and resources to facilitate your agency’s request. Without the 24 hour notification, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide the back-up support you are interested in having due to our workload and other high priority requests that routinely come from groups that we support.

                It is important to note that if you need information or documents posted on the public site by 5:00 p.m., it is necessary to post the information or documents to the staging environment before the 2:30 p.m. sync. The syncs take over an hour to run, so even if the posting is in the staging environment before the 4:30 p.m. sync, it may not appear on the public website until 5:45 p.m.

                This means that if you need StateWeb to help you get something on the public site by 5:00 p.m., we would need to have it no later than 2:00 p.m. of the day of posting (assuming that you have also met the notification requirements listed above).

                Should your agency or board have extremely time-sensitive postings and you don’t believe your agency can provide the 24 hour prior notification we require, you may want to consider providing agency or board staff with access to your web site. Your staff can post information and documents at any time and the next scheduled sync will push it to the production website. If you want your staff to manage your website, please send us their names and email addresses so we can set up their user accounts and provide the access needed as a link to the ½ hr webinar training course as well as our written procedures. We will work with your staff to get them comfortable in the environment if you wish.

                Special syncs will be performed at our discretion based on when a request is received and how long the sync's are taking to complete and are discouraged as other users depend on regular syncs to post their time sensitive information as well.

                  You can review Stateweb Posting Requirements as well as our policy for special and/or URGENT requests on our website.