Ektron File Naming Conventions

Review File Naming Convention Rules if you are experiencing any of the of the following issues:

  1. You've overwritten a document more than once and still do not see the correct version. Check to see if it the file has a space or special character other than a dash (-) or an underscore (_) in its file name. 

  2. A link to a document is broken and you've fixed it more than once. Check to see if it has a space or special character in its file name.

    Ektron File Naming Convention DO's

    1. Make filenames as short as possible. 

    2. Make sure the file names do not contain special characters like &, #, ?, . (periods), etc. Only dashes (-) or underscores (_) are allowed in file names. The other characters are reserved characters and can sometimes cause errors or broken links.

    3. Make sure the file names do not contain spaces.   Spaces can cause issues on older browsers and in browsers not yet supported (such as version, beta or new browsers).  They often become broken links and no matter what you do you will not be able to overwrite them. If you’ve overwritten a file 3 times that has spaces in the file name and it is not updating, delete the file.Rename the file using these guidelines (no spaces or special characters) and then re-upload the file. Same thing if you have a broken link that you’ve fixed more than once….check to see if the file has a space or special character in the file name. If so, delete the doc, fix the file name and re-upload and fix the link.

      Naming Convention Examples

      Original File Name Can be Renamed to:
      Welcome To My‐ World.pdf  welcomeToMyWorld.pdf  (Camel Casing)
      Welcome To My‐ World.pdf  Welcome‐To‐My‐World.pdf 
      Hello World.pdf Hello‐World.pdf
      Welcome To My World & Street.pdf Welcome‐To‐My‐World‐and‐Street.pdf