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Email Addresses in Navigation

Email addresses are not clickable when placed in the navigation.

    Email Addresses Page-Program Smart Form

    If you want the email field to be clickable like the one to the right, you must add your email information to the Links box on the bottom right side (as shown below).  It will appear directly under any information in the top right column.

    Page Program Clickable Email Address

      Inserting a Graphic on the Homepage

      Use an HTML Content Block when placing graphics on the homepage, especially on the right side in place of popular links. If you use one of the smart forms that allow you to add an image, it will have to much spacing before and after the graphic.

        Service Catalog Smart Form

        When using the Service Catalog Smart Form template you can add tables in the Page Copy and Description fields, however, they will NOT be formatted the same as the table created as part of the smart form template.