Advantages of Creating Content Blocks Instead of Pages (Includes)

If there is a block of information that needs to appear on more than one page in your website, it can be helpful to create that information in a separate content block by itself.  Then you can either link to that content from various pages within your website or you can use the Assigning Metadata procedure below to display the content on as many pages as you'd like, yet you will only need to update the information once.

Ektron provides the ability to place any information in a single content block and reuse it many times to obtain same result as the commonly available ability to use "Includes" in other web design applications.

  •  Will any piece of the content be used on more than one page? If so, consider building that content in a separate block.

  •  Does any of the content get removed from the site on a known date? If so, please see the Expiring Content procedure for more information.

  •  Content that is broken up in reasonable sections with headings are easier to read than a full page of nothing but text.

  •  Many users will contact your agency rather than look for information on their own if your pages are too long and are not broken up in reasonable sections that make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for.

  •  Too much information on a page overwhelms the user and makes it difficult to find specific information

  •  White space is a good thing and makes pages easier to read.

  • Not everything needs or should appear on your website. Carefully examine the usefulness of the information placed on your site.  How many users are actually viewing the agendas or meeting minutes from 2005 for instance? 

  •  Avoid using your website as an archive