What do I do if I cannot open a content block?

What is the content block's status?

If you are trying to open a content block and it will not open, please go to the workarea and determine the status of the content block.  To determine the status:

In the WORKAREA, locate the content block you want to open.  In the right pane, under the Status column, check to see if the content block status shows an "O" or an "I".

If an “O” appears under the Status column as shown above, the content is checked out.

If an “I” appears under the Status column the content has been checked-in but has not been published.

Determine who the last editor was (by checking the last column in the WORKAREA right pane) and send them an email requesting they check-in and/or publish the content block.

If you receive no response from the last editor or have an URGENT update, please contact the System Administrators at Stateweb@admin.nv.gov or (775) 684-7323.

How to avoid leaving items in a checked out status

What causing content blocks to be left in a checked out status?

Anytime you EDIT a content block and then click the BACK button instead of the PUBLISH button you leave the content block in a Checked-Out or Check-In status that makes in unavailable to other users.

How to Avoid Leaving Content Blocks Unavailable to Other Users

To avoid leaving content block unavailable to other users do not click the EDIT button to open a content block and then click on the BACK button. If you EDIT you must PUBLISH to avoid leaving it unavailable to other users.

Use View instead of Edit when you are not sure this content block is the one you want to edit

  1. In the Workarea open the folder that contains the content block you want to view.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of the content block name that you want to open and choose VIEW from the drop-down menu.

This will allow you to see the content in the content block without having to PUBLISH and allows you to use the back button and the EDIT button is also available should you want to edit the content.