Office of Information Security

OIS Services

The Nevada State Office of Information Security (OIS) is comprised of information security specialists who provide professional services to support the development and administration of State enterprise and independent agencies' information security programs across Nevada government.

All requests for security-related services are initiated through the EITS Helpdesk by sending an email to, or calling 775.684.4333.

Security Consultations

OIS reviews and provides recommendations on implementations and modifications to information security architectures and infrastructures, as well as the challenges and benefits of adopting new technologies.

Security Testing and Assessments

OIS performs independent security testing and assessments for State agencies' information systems and technology infrastructures.

Security Incident Response and Administrative Investigations

OIS assists agencies responding to security incidents, and performs objective administrative investigations of information systems and devices.

State IT Access Authorizations

OIS reviews and authorizes requests for employees, contractors, vendors and other business partners to have access to State information systems, databases and infrastructures.

NCAS Enterprise Administration

OIS administers the enterprise infrastructure for State agencies using the Nevada Card Access System (NCAS) and coordinates with the agencies' partition administrators to ensure proper operation of electronic door access. An OIS Operations Standard on NCAS Administration is available for reference by partition administrators.

State Information Security Policy

OIS facilitates the State Security Committee, and leads the development of State security policy, standards and procedures.

IT Continency Planning Guidance

OIS provides guidance to State agencies on developing IT Contingency Plans for major applications, general support systems and technology infrastructures, including information security plans, IT contingency plans, and disaster recovery plans.

Security Awareness and Online Training Materials

OIS provides agencies with access to online information security awareness courses and training materials.