Network Transport Services

Network Transport Service Rates

Site Space Rental

Per Rack Per Year | $1,883.44
Site space is used to house and support agency owned communications equipment at remote sites. Site space is defined as the occupied space within an enclosed, environmentally controlled facility with a physical dimension of 2 feet in width, 2 feet in depth and 7 feet in height and includes the provision for one antenna mounted on a vertical support structure, and power usage. Site Space Rent is a per rack/per year charge and is billed annually.
Budget: 1388 | Exp GL: 7550 | Rev GL: 3827 | Org Code: 88SR

DS0 Circuit (Renamed from Channel Rent)

Per Channel-End Per Year | $1,754.92
Channel rent service provides a dedicated 64 kbps circuit or channel designated specifically for the user agency, and is used primarily for telephone and radio voice circuits, radio control and remote site services. A standard or basic channel may be used to transmit voice (analog) or data communications (digital). All channels use at least two channel ends; however, under special circumstances, some channels may use more and requires additional equipment. Channel rent is a per channel end/per year charge and is billed annually.
Budget: 1388 | Exp GL: 7551 | Rev GL: 3806 | Org Code: 88CR

DS1 Circuit

Per Circuit Per Month | $2,889.40
DS1 Circuit service provides a dedicated circuit capable of delivering 1.544 Mbs designed specifically for the using agency, and is used primarily for high volume voice and data services. DS1 Circuit rent is a per circuit /per month charge and is billed monthly.
Budget: 1388 | Exp GL: 7552 | Rev GL: 3806 | Org Code: 88DS

Ethernet Transport

Per MBPS Pipe Size Per Month | $432.17
Budget: 1388 | Exp GL: 7559 | Rev GL: 3806 | Org Code: 88ET