Leadership Team

Michael Dietrich
State Chief Information Officer and Deputy Director
Michael Dietrich is the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Deputy Director of Administration. Michael comes to us from the private sector, where he enjoyed a successful career leading Development and Engineering organizations creating leading-edge products and infrastructure solutions. Most recently Michael was at Ericsson, Microsoft, and its subsidiary LinkedIn.

The State CIO at the Director's Office level helps elevate the critical responsibilities and functions of technology in the delivery of government services. The State CIO is a key leader in IT strategy for the State of Nevada.

Michael reports directly to Deonne Contine, and his direct reports include: David Haws, Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) Administrator; Bob Denhardt, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); Alisanne Maffei, Chief, Research, Planning and Grant Management; and Michele Lynn, Management Analyst 3.

While not a native of Nevada, Michael has lived in the state most of his life. Since moving here over 30 years ago it is the place he calls home. When he is not immersed in the digital world, Michael enjoys cycling, motorcycling, sailing, and creating art and music.
David Haws
Enterprise I.T. Services (EITS) Administrator

David Haws served in the role of EITS Interim Administrator starting February 6, 2018 and was appointed permanent Administrator April 6, 2018. As Administrator, David will manage Application Development, Client Services, Technical Operations, and Technology Investment Requests.

Throughout the 25-year-span of David’s IT career, he has always been passionate about helping organizations achieve excellent business results through the use of new and emerging information technology. As the EITS Administrator, David will manage day-to-day operations of EITS to include all of the Agency and Enterprise IT services, and will actively improve their capabilities and processes to create better outcomes and customer service.

David reports directly to State Chief Information Officer Michael Dietrich. David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Information Technology from Boise State University.

Bob Dehnhardt, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer

Bob has over 30 years of professional experience in IT, working in the private sector, and at the Federal and State levels of the public sector. He began in desktop support, and subsequently added server, network and telephony support to his toolset. Since 2002, his focus has been in Information Security. Prior to taking the CISO role in May 2017, he was ISO for the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services for four years, and Manager/Director of Information Security in the private sector for 10 years. Bob oversees the Office of Information Security, chairs the State Information Security Committee, and is a member of the Nevada Homeland Security Cyber Security Committee.
Suzie Block, CPM
EITS Chief IT Manager/Agency IT Services
Suzie started her career working in IT with the State of Nevada at the Department of Health and Human Services as the Network and Help Desk Manager. She spent a couple of years at the Legislature as a Security and Web Administrator supporting the agency website and working as a systems and security analyst. She spent several years working with a gaming company helping implement a wide area progressive system. She came back to state service for the Secretary of State to help implement their elections system under the Help America Vote Act. She went on to work as the Network and System Manager for Public Safety. She was the Chief Technology Officer for the Nevada Attorney General and Secretary of State Portal Division. In her role as Agency IT Services Chief for EITS, she currently is overseeing the newly restructured unit that provides technical support for our full service customers that include the Department of Administration, the Governor’s Office and all divisions and the Department of Public Safety. She is also the IT Chief that oversees the project management unit, the enterprise database unit, the enterprise application services unit, the enterprise web team, the enterprise and agency IT services help desk and the enterprise HR services help desk.

Suzie has over 20 years of leadership and IT experience and has both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master Degree in Information Systems with an emphasis on security. She holds certifications in ITIL and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. She is a Certified Public Manager and Certified Contract Manager. She also has competency in Agile, Scrum and Information Security. Her personal passion is being a leadership coach and promoting excellent customer service. Her desire is to help develop staff to be their best.
Ken Adams
Chief IT Manager, Communications

Ken is the Communications Operations Manager for Enterprise Telecommunications, Microwave Network Transport and SilverNet Wide Area Network Services. Ken spent ten years in the Heath Care IT sector specializing in enterprise network communications. He Joined the State’s Department of Data Processing (now EITS) in the 1990's with a focus to implement a statewide TCP/IP communications infrastructure to support voice, video and data. He has experience in communications infrastructure planning, construction, implementation and operations. Ken is a Level II Certified Network Analyst and holds a FCC Extra Class amateur radio license. Ken also volunteers and sits as a board member of a regional high power rocketry club that specializes in launching aerospace engineering payload projects for university students from around the world.  
Tom Wolf
Chief IT Manager, Computing

Wolf currently oversees the state computing facility in Carson City. He has private sector experience in project management, system architecture, security, and hospitality. Tom joined the state team in the 90s with the Welfare Nomads project and has since held many IT positions with several state agencies.