IT Labor

IT Labor Rates

Programmer / Developer

Per Hour | $85.62
EITS provides a variety of software development services including maintenance and enhancement of existing software applications; development of new software information systems, software testing and product support; and technical documentation of software. Current technology platforms being utilized include JAVA, .NET, and COBOL. Programming services are a per hour charge and are billed monthly as incurred.
Budget: 1365 | Exp_GL: 7510 | Rev_GL: 3816 | Org_Code: 65PD

Database Administrator

Per Hour | $95.82
EITS can provide database and technical information management services including administration and tuning of database management programs and systems, database support for new computer applications and designs, specialized data file management and support for database planning. Current databases that are supported are Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and IBM’s DB2 relational databases. The DBA service is a per hour charge and is billed monthly as incurred.
Budget: 1365 | Exp_GL: 7511 | Rev_GL: 3816 | Org_Code: 65DB