FAQs: Web Enterprise Group

How do I get a new website?

New web sites are ONLY available on our Ektron Content Management system(CMS). NO new development will be done on any of the FrontPage web sites we currently support. ONLY maintenance will be done until we can convert those sites from Front Page to our new Ektron CMS. 

What is Ektron? How will it affect our current web site?

Ektron is our new content management system (CMS). It will allow designated users (after they are trained and given access to the Ektron environment), the ability to maintain their own web site content.  

How do I get a new Ektron web site?

Contact stateweb@admin.nv.gov or (775) 684-7323 and they will schedule an appointment to discuss the new site with you.

How much does a new web site cost?

There are no direct costs for your web site development. The Web Enterprise Group is paid from Director's Assessment. However, if you need a new URL - there will be a cost for this. Contact EITSHelp@admin.nv.gov for this request.

Is there a 'wait list' to get my web site converted over to the Ektron environment?

Yes. We currently have a backlog. If you wish to know our timeline, send an email to stateweb@admin.nv.gov.   

Will there be Ektron training classes?

Yes. Training classes will be available on-line. You can find the classes at xxx.

Will there be any 'hands-on' Ekron training classes?

Yes, but they will be limited and scheduled by the Web Enterprise group. Any questions, contact stateweb@admin.nv.gov

How do I get a new URL?

Contact EITSHelp@admin.nv.gov. The Internet Group provides this service.