Enterprise IT Services Catalog

Computing Rates

Mainframe Services

Per CPU Minute (Total of M/F Services) | $21.02

Combination of M/F services: Bath, TSO, CICS, DB2, Tape I/O, Tape Storage & Disk I/O.

Budget: 1385 | Exp_GL: 7515 | Rev_GL: 3809 | Org_Code: OHMF

Print Management

Per 1,000 lines | $2.26
Print Management provides hard-copy printout of information. Print Management is a per 1000 line charge and is billed monthly as incurred.
Budget: 1385 | Exp_GL: 7529 | Rev_GL: 3809 | Org_Code: 85PM

Adabas - Discontinued in FY16

Per CPU Minute |
Discontinued in FY16 - Adabas is a hierarchical mainframe DBMS (Database Management System) that provides data storage, retrieval, and integrity functions required by batch or CICS programs (currently used only by DETR). Adabas is a CPU per minute charge, for accumulated minutes, for any database processing performed. Adabas is billed monthly as incurred.
Budget: 1385 | Exp_GL: 7524 | Rev_GL: 3809 | Org_Code: 85AB

UNIX Support

Per Partition Per Year (Change in Units) | $1,197.93

As with mainframe support, the UNIX servers used to provide UNIX Support to the IFS customers are the property of EITS. UNIX Support service is a per processor charge and is billed monthly as incurred.

(Customer interested in hosting UNIX hardware at the Facility should refer to the Server Hosting section of this document. EITS provides technical service and support for UNIX servers and related hardware and software. Services include monitoring, data backup, disaster recovery, and performance tuning.)


Budget: 1385 | Exp_GL: 7530 | Rev_GL: 3809 | Org_Code: 85UX