A.C.E. (Always Creating Excellence) Award Winners - 2017 1st Quarter

ACE Quarterly Awards were Awarded for the following Categories:

Team Player: The Teamwork Award is given to a person who is an enthusiastic member of a team and facilitates the team’s effort in an unselfish manner.
Creativity and Innovation: The Creativity and Innovation Award is given to a person who seeks out, starts, or introduces any new action or idea.
Quality: The Quality of Service Award is given to a person whose actions exemplify the principles of excellent customer service.
Leadership: The Leadership Award is given to a person who displays the ability to lead, who can show the “way to” by going before, or who directs a course of action or thought. (Open to anyone)

1st Quarter 2017 Awards:

Teamwork Award
Jason Lewis
Creativity/Innovation Award
Victor Van Horn
Creativity/Innovation -- Victor Van Horn, he was nominated by Linda DeSantis for his unique ideas on process improvements. He created a dashboard and named it H.A.L. to monitor the CMS system. He has extensive knowledge of various websites, which makes it very easy to come up with innovative ideas for process improvement. 
Quality of Service Award
Jason Fisher
Leadership Award
Gary Steele