Enterprise IT Services Catalog

Assessment Rates


Per FTE Per Year | $277.29

This assessment supports several units within EITS and is designed to more appropriately charge for the following services rather than inflate the other billable services supplied by EITS. The Infrastructure Assessment includes: DNS Routing, Help Desk, State Web portal, Web Page Development, State toll free access, State on-line phone book, and State Operator service. Assessment to all agencies is based on FTE count and is billed quarterly and annually.

  • B/A 1365: EITS’s Help Desk serves all State agencies by providing one access point for all EITS services (e.g. passwords, e-mail accounts, billing questions, WAN outages, etc.)  
  • B/A 1365: Business Analysis  
  • B/A 1365: The Web Page Development unit provides a variety of web page development and support services for all agencies within the State of Nevada, including constitutional offices. 
  • B/A 1385: Centralized DNS Servers route all incoming and outgoing web traffic.  
  • B/A 1385: The State Web Portal is the State’s main web page and is the starting point for the general public and state staff to access the state web. 
  • B/A 1385: State List Server facilitates delivery of messages to work groups and organizations both inside and outside state government. Examples of this include the distribution of press releases and advisories from the Governor’s Office and distribution of time sensitive information regarding large projects that span multiple agencies. 
  • B/A 1385: Capacity planning and management that ensures the State can anticipate future IT resource requirements and plan for sufficient computer and communication capacity in a cost-effective manner to meet the service need of all users.
Budget: 1365 & 1385 | Exp GL: 7554 | Rev GL: 3871 | Org Code: 651W, 651B, 651H, 851IO, 85ID, 85IL, 85IA, 85IF


Per FTE Per Year | $116.17
The Security Assessment is used to establish and administer a State Information Security Program and to support all agencies in developing, implementing and maintaining agency specific IT Security Programs through establishment of statewide security policies, standards and procedures. Specific coordination, direction and support to the state is provided through conducting risk assessments with risk mitigation recommendations; information security plans; IT contingency plans; technical security architecture; security awareness training; and computer security incident response efforts. Staff is well versed in all IT security disciplines with specialties in network security, data security, risk assessments, web security, security administration, computer security incident response (CSIRT) and contingency planning. Assessment to all agencies is based on FTE count and is billed quarterly and annually.
Budget: 1389 | Exp GL: 7556 | Rev GL: 3873 | Org Code: 89SC