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Ektron iNET Tutorial (Complete Course)

Ektron Essential Training - Online

The following webinars live on YouTube and all links open in new windows.

Ektron CMS Overview

File Types & Sizes Accepted in Ektron

Working with Smart Forms

Working with Content

Documents, Images & Photos

Email Addresses


Google Analytics

Note:  You must be a State of Nevada employee and have access behind the State Firewall to request access to analytics.


    To find out how many Pageviews (hits) a particular page has received open the analytics and go to BEHAVIOR > SITE CONTENT > ALL PAGES and then run a search (CTRL + F) for the particular page you are looking for.

    Free access to Lynda.com is available through your local library.  To access county libraries to for free click the link below and then scroll down to "Educate Yourself: Free Accessibility Training".

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar service developed by Google and editors can access calendars from any device, inside or outside the state firewall.


    Listserv Links

    The ListServ is currently free service, as such there is a lot of pressure to reduce the cost. The choice we had was to buy another certificate or use a self-signed certificate. A purchased one would let people log in without noticing the encryption cert but would cost us money. The self-signed cert requires a person to add an exception before they can log in but is free.

      The debate as to the direction to go was solved when the certificate expired and we didn't have a new one. To login, you see a message like:

        "Your connection is not secure. The owner of listserv.state.nv.us has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website."

          You will need to:

          • Click on "Advanced"
          • Then click on "Add Exception..."
          • Make sure that "Permanently store this exception" is selected
          • Then click on "Confirm Security Exception" 


          Advanced Features

          User Resources

          Click the User Resource link below to find broken link checkers, free tools to create buttons, free graphic software and other resources you may find useful.