Technology Investment Notification (TIN)

A TIN is a detailed online questionnaire that provides structured information about a technology initiative.

Any Executive Branch agency making OR planning an Information Technology Investment, including maintenance or enhancements to existing systems and applications, with aggregated costs of $50,000 or more is required to submit a Technology Investment Notification (TIN) to EITS as part of their biennial budget process as well as for interim funding within the biennium.

A TIN is required regardless of the funding source, even if State IT is not involved in the project or ongoing maintenance. Changes to a Technology Investment requires an amendment to the TIN if schedule, scope, or budget changes by more than 5% (+ or -).

TINs are needed to help plan for enterprise infrastructure utilization needs, gain visibility over the state’s security profile, and build a repository of data, to help us understand the state’s overall technical profile. 

A TIN completion memo is required by the Governor’s Finance Office before an investment may be heard at the Board of Examiners meetings and by Purchasing before a Request For Proposal (RFP) can be released.

    Agency has O365 (Business Productivity Suite) -> TIN 2.0 Process

    If your Agency has an O365 license as part of the State tenant:

    1. Request access to the TIN 2.0 site: State TIN Submitters
      1. If the link does not work, send an email

      All other Agencies (no O365) -> Original TIN 1.0 Process

      1. Ensure you are in EITS TIN Submitters Group (request from EITS Help Desk)
      2. Ensure InfoPath 2013 is installed on your machine (your local agency IT or EITS)
      3. Ensure Internet Explorer 11 has “” added to your local intranet zone (see Technical Requirements)
      4. Use Internet Explorer 11 to access the TIN 1.0 Site