FAQs: E-Learning

Where can I access online training?

Online courses are available through the Online Professional Development Center (AKA e-Learning & Moodle) and can be accessed at https://nvelearn.nv.gov or by accessing the e-Learning link in the Reference Information & Links box on the home page. (Please note: you do not have to log in to NEATS to access these links or to log into e-Learning)

What is the user id and password for e-Learning?

State employees paid through the Central Payroll System: You will use the alpha or alpha numeric user id that is your name or a variation of your name from NEATS. You will not use your employee id number. You can find your alpha id in the upper right hand corner of NEATS after Current User.

The password is your current NEATS password. Please note: if you have more than one account on NEATS you will need to make sure you are using the user id from your state account (the account with your timesheets). If you don’t use the correct id you may not receive credit on your NEATS transcript.

Non-State (University, City, County and other entities): You will use the user id and password you use for NVAPPS/NEATS. If you don’t have an account you will need to register with the system: Register with the System. You will use the user id and password you established on NVAPPS to log into e-Learning. If you are not sure if you already have an account you can try using the user id recovery feature to have your user id sent to your email: User ID Recovery. It’s okay to try different e-mail addresses if you have more than one email account you may have registered with. To reset your password you will have to go to NVAPPS and use the password reset function (Password Reset), located on the Home page or the Jobs tab. You can also contact the HR Help Desk at 775-687-9099 or 1-866-NVNEATS for assistance.

How do I track the courses I have taken through e-Learning or (re)print certificates?

State employees paid through the Central Payroll System, University employees, and contract employees: For most courses in e-Learning, once you complete the course and have printed your certificate of completion the class is automatically entered on to your NEATS transcript. (See the personal training tasks topic in site help for information on viewing your transcript in NEATS). It is highly recommended you print your certificate and verify the class is listed on your NEATS transcript (after printing the certificate) upon completion of the course. If you have issues you can contact the HR Help Desk at 775-687-9099 or 1-866-NVNEATS for assistance.

Please note: Course evaluations for online courses are done through e-Learning and not on the NEATS transcript. Only course evaluations for classes enrolled in through NEATS are available on the NEATS transcript.

Non-State (City, County and other entities): You will track your training by keeping a copy of the certificate of completion from your class or test. It is important that you print your certificate out once you’ve complete the course. After a certain time, you will be unable to reprint the certificate. Some certificates must be printed
upon completion or you will have to take the course again. We recommend keeping an electronic copy of your certificates.

To reprint your certificate of completion you will need to return to the course and click the Certificate of Completion link. Please be aware not all certificates can be printed at a later date you will need to be printed when taking the course.

You can also access a list of classes you’ve printed certificates for through e-Learning. However, if you took a class but didn’t print the certificate the class will not be on this list. You also can’t print the certificate from this list.

Can I take online training through NEATS?

No. Training classes in NEATS are classroom based only.

Why do some courses require an “Enrollment Key”?

‘Enrollment Keys’ are passwords that some agencies use to control enrollment in a course. Some courses are restricted to only agency personnel, or the hosting agency may prefer users submit a request to complete the course before they are allowed to enroll. If you see a course that you would like to complete, but it requires an ‘enrollment key’, contact the person listed as the “Teacher” in the course summary.

How can I find out what is covered in an online course?

Select the course summary icon located to the right of a course’s name in the Course Catalog. At a minimum it will include the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Course Overview 
  • Learning (and possibly Performance) Objectives 
  • Minimum Passing Score 
  • Credit Hours 
  • Approximate Time to Complete 
  • How to Enroll